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My main area of research is in dementia care and practice. My work to date has brought attention to the stigma and discrimination that many people with dementia experience, as well as their ongoing potential as social and active citizens. My research is informed by person-centered and social citizenship perspectives, whereby people with dementia are understood as persons with rights who have agency regardless as to stage of their condition. I am interested in research that aims to challenge and change current health care practice and policies, as well as societal understandings and assumptions about the dementia experience. I am also interested in work where people, such as those living with dementia, can participate directly in research and knowledge translation. 


I have expertise in qualitative methods, and am particularly interested in Participatory and Community-Based research approaches that emphasize co-design and co-research practices, and where the goal of the research endeavour is to effect real-world action and social change.




2021-    Postdoctoral Fellow

Center for Research on Personhood in Dementia, University of British Columbia

Project: Reducing Stigma and Promoting Social Inclusion: Putting Social Citizenship into Practice

Supervisor: Dr. Deborah O’Connor


2021-  Research Coordinator 

IDEA Lab, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

Project: WhatMatters: A Digital Solution to Support Person-Centered Care for People with Dementia

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